Hamro Star

Social Platform for Connecting Users & Celebrities


Ayaansh Technologies


Branding | UI/UX

Project Introduction

Hamrostar provides a solution for users who are looking for a more direct and personalized connection with celebrities, and for celebrities who are looking to monetize their fan base and connect with their audience in a new and unique way.

The challenge

The world of social media has brought fans closer to their favorite celebrities, but there remains a disconnect in terms of true, personalized engagement.

Despite the widespread use of social media platforms, fans are limited to passive interactions such as following their celebrities on social media, reading their posts, or attending live events. This lack of direct interaction creates a gap in the connection between fans and celebrities, hindering the potential for fans to get to know their idols on a deeper level and for celebrities to build stronger relationships with their fan base.


HamroStar aims to bridge this gap by providing a platform for fans to interact with celebrities in new and meaningful ways. Through the app, fans can engage in live chats, video chats, request custom videos, and even negotiate brand deals with their favorite celebrities.

This creates an opportunity for fans to connect with celebrities in a more personal and intimate manner, allowing for a deeper engagement and a stronger bond to form. Additionally, it provides celebrities with a platform to connect directly with their fans, expanding their reach and increasing their engagement. Overall, HamroStar offers a new and exciting solution to the disconnect between fans and celebrities in the social media world.


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